Building a Remote Learning Foundation for Early Readers

Learning to read is hard work. Today, beginning readers and their teachers have an additional challenge when it comes to reading instruction: doing it all remotely. Educators’ instructional practices have evolved to fit a remote model, but before remote phonics instruction can be effective, early readers need a firm foundation to ensure remote learning success. This foundation starts at home. 


Just as teachers rely on routines within their lesson plans for consistency, routines should be built at home around remote learning. To get the most from a remote lesson, students must be in the mindset to learn before lessons begin. Here are a couple of easy ways to create this routine.

  1. Students’ distance learning space should be distraction-free so that they are in the habit of sitting down and focusing. 
  2. This space should be the same space used each day. 
  3. Structure time during the day both for learning and for play. This will help mimic the school day, when students are expected to stay focused for periods of time followed by built-in play time. Learning to read requires especially focused attention from youngsters; structuring this time and following with a “brain break” is a great way to introduce routine.
  4. To the extent possible, play time should be screen-free.


  1. A motivator for early readers is simple: the joy of reading wonderful books. Reinforcing that reading is an enjoyable, entertaining activity is key in developing a positive association for early readers. 
  2. Children’s first experiences with books should be fun. Their books should contain relatable characters, interesting plotlines, and colorful images to grab and keep early readers’ attention and reinforce that reading is a joyful adventure.
  3. Additionally, for children learning to read through phonics instruction, it is important that the books they read in school and during their free time are decodable texts. This is especially important for keeping early readers’ confidence high—the texts they read should follow the sound rules they are learning to avoid frustration. Learn more about decodable texts, and what to look for when buying them, here.

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Happy Reading!

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