Whole Phonics™ is a structured literacy program created by learning specialist and author Jill Lauren for beginning readers. Whole Phonics™ books are colorful, a bit silly and just plain fun to read. Young readers join the delightful adventures of multicultural characters and their animal friends to learn critical phonics skills while experiencing the joy of reading. Besides containing charming storylines, Whole Phonics™ books are carefully crafted to sequentially instill language and reading skills over consecutive levels of learning. Accompanying the books are engaging workbooks, videos, games, and other teaching tools that specifically correspond to each story. With these supplemental Whole Phonics™ materials, educators have all the components for comprehensive phonics lessons — including sounds, phrases, sentences, story comprehension, writing, and spelling — to start young children on the path to becoming lifelong readers. 

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Whole Phonics is a social enterprise committed to supporting communities in need. A percentage of the sales will be directed to supporting schools with the weakest reading scores. We also aim to support teachers in their quest to teach all children to read, which includes knowledge of phonics instruction. With super fun materials and teacher education, we can improve our literacy statistics. Let’s make sure that every child has the tools needed for a productive life.