About Whole Phonics™

Whole Phonics™ is a structured literacy program for beginning readers created by learning specialist and author Jill Lauren, MA. Young readers join the delightful adventures of multicultural characters and their animal friends to learn critical phonics skills while experiencing the joy of reading. Besides containing charming storylines, Whole Phonics™ books are carefully crafted to sequentially instill language and reading skills over consecutive levels of learning. As a supplemental program, the Whole Phonics materials will support instruction dedicated to learning sounds and how to blend them. Application of sounds to stories through the readers is essential, as is the vocabulary and comprehension skills that these readers enhance. This is a classic, structured literacy approach to teaching reading that is supported by a multitude of research studies, including that of the National Reading Panel (2000).

Accompanying the books are engaging workbooks, games, and other teaching tools that specifically correspond to each story. There are nine workbook pages and at least one game that accompany each reader in the Whole Phonics™ series. The purpose for all these pages is multifold. First, beginning readers benefit from repetition, which these pages provide. Second, a number of skills are emphasized, from decoding of single words to spelling to comprehension and more. The high frequency word pages offer practice with the words that are often hardest to learn. Some of the pages can also easily be used for homework, thereby giving caregivers an opportunity to engage with their child’s reading development. Overall, the workbook pages were designed to give children a sense of accomplishment at an independent level. With these supplemental Whole Phonics™ materials, educators have all the components for comprehensive phonics lessons — including sounds, phrases, sentences, story comprehension, writing, and spelling — to start young children on the path to becoming lifelong readers.

About the Author

Jill Lauren - Literacy Expert and Advisor

Jill Lauren has been teaching LD students of all ages for over thirty-five years. Jill also consults with teachers around the country to utilize a variety of structured, multi-sensory approaches to the instruction of reading and written language. Additionally, Jill works with various schools to implement successful reading programs. Her experiences with reading instruction and teacher training led to the creation of Whole Phonics™, a structured literacy curriculum that is dedicated to the teaching of beginning reading in a manner that reflects both current research and children’s need for engaging materials. 


Whole Phonics is a social enterprise committed to supporting communities in need. A percentage of the sales will be directed to supporting schools with the weakest reading scores. We also aim to support teachers in their quest to teach all children to read, which includes knowledge of phonics instruction. With super fun materials and teacher education, we can improve our literacy statistics. Let’s make sure that every child has the tools needed for a productive life.