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Fluent reading is a critical skill because without it, comprehension is compromised. When it comes to enhancing fluency, the common practice and power of repeated reading has been well-researched. As teachers, our goal is to understand the research and find ways to make our instruction meaningful and engaging. So, how can we turn re-reading into an activity that is both exciting and purposeful?

Enter, stage left...

The new Whole PhonicsTM reader's theater, 

Let's Play!

Whole PhonicsTM contributor and teacher Abby Hanrahan created plays based on an adaptation of the stories in Level One. Each of the fifteen plays in the Let’s Play! series utilizes the text from the corresponding Whole PhonicsTM story, thereby promoting fluency through repeated reading. After reading a story, putting on an adapted play provides students with a motivating way to re-read text. Kids love acting, and the Let’s Play! book of plays helps make re-reading FUN! 

Why reader's theater? Here are a few of the benefits:

Included in the Let's Play! book is a certificate for your future stars. 

Please share stories and photos of students who have won The Tim Award.


Resources on Fluency and Reader's Theater

Reader’s Theater: Giving Students a Reason to Read Aloud 

By: Cara Bafile

Linked HERE


A Synthesis of Research on Reading Fluency Development: 

Study of Eight Meta-Analyses

By: Susana Padeliadu, Sophia Giazitzidou

European Journal of Special Education Research, Volume 3, Issue 4, 2018

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