The Meg and Ann Adventures Chapter Book — Ending Blends and Clusters (Level 4, Unit 1)

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The Meg and Ann Adventures
Written by Jill Lauren
Illustrated by Darren McKee
Overview: Level 4, Unit 1, Books 1-3The Meg and Ann Adventures, target skills include ending blends and clusters (spr, spl, scr, str)
Page Count: 56 pages
Size: 6" x 9" x 0.18"
Age: Beginning readers, struggling readers and beyond.

Story 1: Stella's Band
Target Sound: -st, -nt, -nd, -lf, -sk, -mp, -ft, -ng, -xt, -nch, and all previously 
High Frequency Words: our
Plot Summary: Ann and Meg want to throw a party for their friend Stella. To make the party special, she asks if a band can play. Will Ann and Meg be able to make Stella's wish come true?

Story 2: Color Fest
Target Sound: -sp, -lp, -lt, -lk, -pt, -ld, -ct, -tch, -nk
High Frequency Words: color, play, (our)
Plot Summary: Ann and Meg set off to sleepaway camp, filled with excitement. They are excited for Color Fest, the most special day of the summer. But how will the sisters act when they aren't on the same team, and they both want to win?

Story 3: Let's Rock
Target Sound: spr, spl, scr, str
High Frequency Words: always, friend, now, (color, play, our)
Plot Summary: Something is up with Ann. Stella has an idea to cheer her up, so she brings together Ann's pals for some fun. But Nick has another plan. Read to find out how Nick adds even more excitement to the day.


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