The Check-Up, ch

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The Check-Up
Written by Jill Lauren
Illustrated by Darren McKee
Target Sound: ch, th; -zz, -ll, -ff, -ss; -ck; short ĕ, ŭ, ŏ, ĭ, and ă
High Frequency Words: is, the, no, a, and, have, love, so, to, of, I, be, for, me, was, we, she, are, you, want, said, go, see(s), began, give, your, good, put(s), all, by, her, they, there, how, from, hi, saw, don’t, let’s Overview: The Check-Up contains words with the ch, th sounds, and the -zz, -ll, -ff, -ss, and -ck endings, such as “chin,” “chats,” “them,” and “pill.” There are also CVC words with the short ĕ, ŭ, ŏ, ĭ, and ă sounds. 
Age: Beginning readers, struggling readers and beyond.
Plot Summary: Jack and Mack play and draw red dots on each other! When Mom sees them, she believes they are sick. Find out what Doc Chez does to help “cure” Jack and Mack of their dots.
Page Count: 16 pages
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