CCVC Bundle (l-blends, r-blends, s-blends) – 9 Decodable Books and 3 Workbooks

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Do your students need to build reading fluency with CCVC words? This bundle contains 9 decodable books (from Level 3) and 3 Story Companion Workbooks and Games!  

Each decodable book contains 16 pages of text that grows in length and text complexity. Our scope and sequence introduces beginning blends in the following order: L, R and S blends. Be sure to begin your lessons with the three L-blend books since skills are cumulative! All of our decodable books have a true storyline, so children can practice decoding, can build reading fluency, and can develop reading comprehension.

The three workbooks have over 150 pages of activities that were designed to give children a sense of accomplishment at an independent level. The games present an opportunity to have even more fun while practicing new and previously learned skills.   

Skills that are emphasized 

  • decoding single words, phrases and full sentences;
  • Spelling
  • comprehension skills (e.g., sequencing, yes/no questions, following directions).
  • The high frequency word pages.
  • Pages can also easily be used for homework, thereby giving caregivers an opportunity to engage with their child’s reading development.