Set of Off We Go! Readers

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Off We Go! Readers
Written by Jill Lauren
Illustrated by Darren McKee

As usual, teachers provide the best ideas! The request for readers to help children prepare for Level One led to the creation of the Off We Go! series. Through 8 readers and, soon to come, workbook activities, children will learn their consonants, short ă, and the five high frequency words needed to read Zac's Pal, the first book in Level One. 

Setting the stage:The language in the Off We Go! beginning-to-read series is limited due to the sound-driven choice of words. Children will benefit from discussion to set the stage for the plot. Prior to reading, teachers should engage students with the prompts listed inside each book. By doing so, the stories in Off We Go! promote reading comprehension and oral language development.

Whole Phonics™ books are colorful and wonderfully illustrated phonics readers. Click on the individual books to look inside and see the decodable text and super fun images.

Age: Beginning readers, struggling readers, and beyond.

The Off We Go! Readers are 8x8 inches in size.
Each set contains one copy of all eight Off We Go! titles.