"Everyone we show the books to - especially the kids- thinks they are amazing!  We even shared them with the Literary Consultant the district brought in this year and she thought they were amazing and just perfect for 1st graders!"

Public School teacher, NJ



"I am having a GREAT year and I hope you are too! The other teachers in kindergarten have started to use the Whole Phonics books as well (since we have more copies now) and LOVE it."

Kindergarten teacher, Public School, New York City



"The Whole Phonics books are helping my students develop a LOVE for reading! They are thrilled to finally be able to read a “real book!” They love the characters, colorful illustrations, and the story lines themselves. As a teacher, it is great to have phonetic stories that are not only predictable but make sense to the students. You know it’s a win when your students ask to keep reading the same story over and over!" 

Special Ed teacher, CT



"In just two days of working on this material I see such a glow in "Jiya." She is a child who has such low self-esteem and a lack of confidence due to her reading deficiencies, but in the last two days she is already pointing to the books in your program that she wants to read next. She is also talking about how she is going to start reading chapter books once she finishes this program and read at mass in front of the whole school! This is coming from a child who normally fights me on reading and detests it."

Second grade teacher, Catholic School, New York City