No Fuss, -zz, -ll, -ff, -ss

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No Fuss! 
Written by Jill Lauren
Illustrated by Darren McKee
Target Sound: -zz, -ll, -ff, -ss; -ck; short ĕ, ŭ, ŏ, ĭ, and ă
High Frequency Words: is, the, no, a, and, have, love, so, to, my, of, do, I, he, be, for, me, was, we,
she, are, you, want(s), said, go, see(s), began, give(s), your(s), good, put, all, it’s 
Overview: No Fuss! contains words with the -zz, -ll, -ff, -ss, and -ck endings, such as “tell,” “boss,” and “pack.” There are also CVC words with the short ĕ, ŭ, ŏ, ĭ, and ă sounds.
Age: Beginning readers, struggling readers and beyond.
Plot Summary: In Miss Muff’s class, Bill does not want to share the toys with Mack and Jack. But Bill must share. See if Miss Muff can teach her students how to share. 
Page Count: 16 pages
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