The Thick Fog, th

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The Thick Fog
Written by Jill Lauren
Illustrated by Darren McKee
Target Sound: th; -zz, -ll, -ff, -ss; -ck; short ĕ, ŭ, ŏ, ĭ, and ă
High Frequency Words: is, the, a, and, love, so, to, my, of, do, I, he, be, for, me, was, we, are, want, said, go, see, began, give, your, good, put, all, by, her, does, they, there, how, can’t, it’s, let’s
Overview: The Thick Fog contains words with th sound, and the -zz, -ll, -ff, -ss, and -ck endings, such as “thin,” “this,” “puff,” and “licks.” There are also CVC words with the short ĕ, ŭ, ŏ, ĭ, and ă sounds.
Age: Beginning readers, struggling readers and beyond.
Plot Summary: Beth and Thad are out for a run. Fog rolls in and is so thick that it’s hard for them to see. Thad becomes scared. How will the kids get home? 
Page Count: 16 pages
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