Who Will Come?, sh

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Who Will Come? 
Written by Jill Lauren  
Illustrated by Darren McKee
Target Sound: sh, wh, ch, th; -zz, -ll, -ff, -ss; -ck; short ĕ, ŭ, ŏ, ĭ, and ă
High Frequency Words: is, the, a, and, have, love(s), so, to, my, of, do, I, be, for, was, we, she, are, you, want, said, go, see(s), began, give(s), good, puts, all, by, her, does, they, there, how, hi, saw, which, too, what, look, or, ask(s), come, begin, who, don’t, can’t, it’s 
Overview: Who Will Come? contains words with the sh, wh, ch, th sounds, and the -zz, -ll, -ff, -ss, and -ck endings, such as “rush,” “shop,” “then,” and “whiz.” There are also CVC words with the short ĕ, ŭ, ŏ, ĭ, and ă sounds. 
Age: Beginning readers, struggling readers and beyond.
Plot Summary: Meg is turning ten. Ann and Mom throw Meg a surprise birthday party. Can Meg’s friends keep the party a secret? Read to find out!  
Page Count: 16 pages
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