Off We Go! Step 6, Prep for Stories 5 + 6

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Our Step 6 Workbook is a fun and colorful workbook designed to introduce and reinforce the letter sound: g and other essential skills.

The workbook is 79 pages long and has been carefully crafted to introduce and reinforce the letter sound, g, and other essential skills to finish preparing students to read The Pad and A Cap. This workbook includes activities such as handwriting practice, phonemic awareness tasks, spelling exercises, reading exercises, coloring pages, and interactive games. Please keep in mind that this workbook only introduces some of the sounds needed to read the decodable books in the Off We Go! series. We recommend purchasing our Step 5 Workbook with this product to ensure that The Pad and A Cap are truly decodable. The workbook page instructions for educators or parents can be found in the back of the book.